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Please read them carefully. Trigger the check box below to go on.

1. Please choose proper update package according to product model of the camera.
2. Use cable network NOT Wi-Fi during the update process.
3. Make sure that the update process is operated under continuous power supply.
4. Please unzip the compressed file and update the firmware one by one according to its number.
5. Please restore to factory default after the whole update progress if any problems occurs.
6. The process for each firmware file may take about 3 minute. Please wait until camera reboots.
7. Please operate under the guidance of professional personage in case of updating failure.
8. As there are some dager in updating firmware. We and our resellers are not responsible for any improper operation that leads to camera crash.
9. If your current firmware version is 1.7.x.x, please do not update these firmwares, they are not fit.